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Good morning 🙂

For breakfast– it was broken up in two parts. Before leaving for work, I had 5 wasabi almonds and then I had a cup of chocolate milk on my drive here. Then I had a chia seed pudding with cinnamon and a banana.


I received early acceptance to the Physician Assistant program to UTMB Galveston!!!! I am soooo happy, still pinching myself to make sure this is real and not a dream. My interview with them was on Friday August 12th. It was my very first interview and I thought I did just  okay, I was really hard on myself (you can ask my friend Kim), and was quite bummed because I wished I did better on the written essay. So this past Wednesday (8/17), as I was doodling around my desk at work [during lunch], working on my supplemental essay to PCOM (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine), looked up and saw there was a new mail in my inbox. Thinking it was just another random Linkedin news update or a friend request, I didn’t think too much of it. When my browser refreshed and I looked at what this email was…. I was literally light headed.

It was entitled as, “UTMB Physician Assistant Program – Acceptance 2012”

It was my very first interview, in which I thought to myself.. “if I wasn’t rejected right off the bat then maybe I’ll be ranked on the bottom of the pond in which there was still ‘hope’ I can be wait listed.”

So I am still in a state of shock! I’m so on cloud 9 right now. I have kept pinching myself everyday since Weds…

Now… the sad part is that I have to withdraw my applications from out-of-states schools. Which means, although I was done with my PCOM essay (its all color printed and folded neatly in an envelope), I am not going to mail it in.

The part that breaks my heart the most is calling the schools that have already offered me an interview to withdraw my spot. The ‘greedy’ and ‘stingy’ part of me do not want to give up my spots for these interviews (2 pending so far…), because I worked so hard to get here. It truly shatters my heart, more than a bit. But oh well— being accepted to a Texas school means I get to pay resident tuition and I can still be close to home <3. Though I would love love love the experience that I may gain by moving to another state.. I definitely have to think about the costs. Aside from more tuition loans and debt, I’ll be studying and crying all the time anyway in PA school, lol. Additionally, I’m still currently paying minimum payments for my undergrad loans.. :/ bleh.

Overall, if I am invited to other interviews for schools in Texas, I would definitely take the opportunity to check it out. But most likely, I will attend UTMB because as much as a nervous wreck I was on my interview day, I had an amazing time. The faculty were more than helpful and were extremely approachable. Go TEXAS!! yee-haw.

Anywho, I think I pulled something today in my Turbo Kickbox Class.
because my lower back hurts like a#$%$! Sometimes I don’t know why I push myself. I guess its the prideful side of me when I am in a class. I get so immersed into my workout that even though my back is throbbing, I still push myself to try to finish the set. (It helps to mention that I have a mild scoliosis and a chip on one of my lower spinal disks.) I guess its also because I try to not stop in the middle of a set, I will feel embarrassed that me, a 24yr old., can’t finish a set while the middle age ladies in class are pumping through it easy breezy. I guess I’m an ageist. Today’s workout consisted of. –> 1 hr of Muscle Blast class and 30 mins of TKB.

So I had the baking itch the other day and I made this. I have not perfected the recipe yet– but it is not too bad. I think I put too much EVOO so the “bar” turned out to be more cake like. It contained.. rolled oats, chopped almonds, raisins, fresh cranberries, carob chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, whole wheat flour, 2 packs of truvia, 1 pack of splenda, and flaxseed meal (to substitute for eggs). So pretty much, this is “vegan” 🙂

vegan, dessert

My breakfast was sugary and “unhealthy” I had chocolatey rice cereal, honey oat ganola, cheerios mix with 2% milk, and some wasabi almonds. Then I nibbled at Whole Foods after the gym on some crackers, plaintain chips. Nibbled on hershey’s chocolate.  Then had a Cascade Lemon yogurt (a bomb-diggity yogurt!)

Sigh. I am such a nibbler.  I have a sugar addiction. I have a problem.

Lunch consisted of fresh salad ❤
(cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower bits, feta cheese)
dressing: mix-ins of balsamic vinegar and Kraft’s Asian sesame salad dressing.
It was YUM-O!!

here’s a close up– (though blurry :[, booo)

Now it’s time to get my clothes altered and hit up Barnes and Noble for some magazine therapy!!! (I am sooo bummed out that Borders everywhere are shutting down!!, I blame it on the kindle. hmph)

Diana  ^_^

Today is my first day and the official first post of my … *drumroll*… BLOG!

I am just way too excited to post something.. anything. I know I should first figure out what a widget is and work on the appearance of this plain and lonely page. ..but.. oh well!

Why create a blog?
Is it because it’s the trendy thing to do? nope.
I love food. I live for food. I crave sugar, hence, the title of my blog. 🙂
I absolutely enjoy, and I  mean really enjoy reading up on blogs on foods, healthy cooking, and fitness. These are the things I consider my happy tickles.

Happy Tickles? ..seriously?
To those that are ticklelish, you know what I’m talking about. For example, if you run your fingers across your belly area where someone would typically tickle you and there’s a sensation to just giggle, that’s your tickle spot. However, happy tickles are tickles that are enjoyable, ones that bring a smile to your face when you think about it, not those that are insufferable. Cooking, exploring with new ingredients, trial and errors (with baking, poo.), tricep dips, a field trip through Whole Foods Market… are my happy tickles.

Anyways, to what basis I am going to write about on my blog is still yet to be decided. Nevertheless, I am excited! I can’t till I get cookin’ and posting!

Stay Tuned.

<3, Diana