Still Brainstorming..

Good morning 🙂 it’s 10:27am and I am finally having breakfast, which consists of my personal oatmeal mix (rolled oats/oat bran/flax seed meal) with 1/2 banana sliced and lots of cinnamon 🙂 As Rachel Ray would say… it was YUM-O! Along with it, I had a cup of earl grey tea with a dash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (which was also in my oatmeal this morning). Pre-breakfast I had an orange and a cup of green tea.

and yes..  that is one of my  Yellow Angry Bird earbuds in the background. *I’m kind of obsessed with them* (yellow bird ftw)

I tried waking up this morning to work out (thanks to the lovely ‘workout reminder’ text from my bff in Dallas at 5am) I was going to skip because I only had about 5 hours of sleep in but then I couldn’t really go back to sleep for some odd reason, so I dragged my booty out of bed around 5:40, left the house at 6am and got to my gym at work at 6:30am. Being late and all.. I guess I still managed to get a semi-workout by going to a class (late!). Hmm.. I am thinking about going to Zumba @ 24hrs after volunteering today. >.< Just a thought.

Now… I am confused to what I want to do with this blog. I obviously know for sure that I want this to be about fitness/food related because… its my passion 🙂 However, I am trying to figure exactly what direction I want to take this to.. maybe a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Whatever the ‘bits’ might be… its a blog I made for me— I feel like I should feel free to talk about anything I want, right? I mean, having to read so many wonderful wonderful food bloggers (pbfingers, carrotsncake..etc.), I don’t even know if I’ll ever be up to par with them in regarding to blogs. I absolutely love their blogs!! Hmmm, I think I just need to do my own thing and make my own discovery by going with the flow?
However…my current blog to-dos are:
1.) Blog more often
2.) Add a workout log (it will help me keep track/motivation)

As for the other things that are currently going on in my life….. I absolutely LOVE going to the SPCA and help out! 🙂 I urge everyone to please please please go and volunteer your time (it may be as simple as 1 or 2 hrs a week) just to give back and let these animals know that they are loved, even in the more direst situations. Plus– by walking the large dogs outside, you get added bonuses like a good cardio workout, a sexy tan, and lots of doggie love! 🙂 ❤

Time to get back to my daily grind, but before I go– I want to show off my new work out shoes 😉 I was a little skeptical about the ‘zigs’ because I didn’t know how they were going to feel like and most importantly, they looked funny to me/how am I suppose to match? (Being a girl I know…ya dee da..)

I absolutely love love them!! They were so comfortable, and so sweat absorbent (I have hyperhidrosis btw). and they LOOKED AMAZING! purple and black… power boosting colors any one? I have that song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa (in my head but just replaced with “black and purple black and purple”  right now.. teehee!!)

ps: i just realized I have too many happy faces in this entry. Kinda gaudy.. But I guess its been a good day so far *crosses fingers*

Till next time,
-Diana C.

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  1. You have nice friend. My husband just tell me to stay asleep. Maybe, he secretly trying to get me fat. You should write whatever you like, it is your blog. just a thought…bye

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