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I slept at 9:30pm last night 🙂 Like a baby… I had set my alarm at 4:50am so I can clock in a couple miles before work this morning. I need to run more for my first 10k next Saturday. The most I have done is about 5 miles…which took me about 55mins =( No bueno. I am hoping to aim for less than 10mins/mi, 9:59secs will do =) Anywho– I decided to stay in my bed and roll around until 5:50am because I really didn’t want to go to the neighborhood gym all alone this early since they don’t have staff members on site until mid morning. I decided to chill-lax and be safe at home!

Does anyone still write in their diaries at this age? I’ll be 25 (I know…) in three more months. Anywho, that is exactly what I did this morning. It always feels nice to jot down any new revelations that come across my mind. I can see myself flipping through my diary collection when I’m old and reminiscing the good and bad times. Anyway, my new revelation in life is that lately.. I’ve been too focused on the immediate things in life, in other words, I feel like I’ve been shortsighted lately. Looking through food bloggers (hence was the reason why I was motivated to start my blog) and going through recipes on Food Buzz and Food Gawker had made me a bit tooo obsessed with food/gym. It hasn’t gotten out of control yet but I see myself trying to fit in a 90min. hot yoga session post work..where I’m already exhausted being at work all day and I’ve already worked out earlier the same day. So usually, I end up not having enough time to take care of other clean my car (it really needs a deep cleaning), take care of my cat, and mostly– spend quality time catching up with my mom and sister.

So— I am going to do less of stalking food bloggers and less of trying be so physically active. More leisure reading with fiction/nonfiction books and current events, explore local antique shops, farmer’s markets, bowling, trying new food trucks, diy-ing..etc. I guess.. I want to add more spice to my life. 🙂 Of course– most face time with the fambam and less time on the computer/phone. I think that’s a good plan! but before I become less obsessive about these things… check out my new shoes! woot woot

Image Image

The blue Asics actually gave me a really bad blister on my left ankle. I think I just need to break into them and maybe wear higher socks next time (fashion fauz pas!). Plus.. I think it’s also the way I run. I don’t think I run evenly in terms of landing and putting the correct weight on each stride. =[ boo.


Good afternoon 🙂

First and foremost, I am not a Catholic.. but I think the idea of ‘lent’ is a good strategy to help better shape a person’s lifestyle, which is why I am partaking in this tradition. Who says you can’t do it because you are not religious? 😀

So, to answer the question/title of my post. I am giving up ‘fat talk’ for lent. I think it would definitely be beneficial to my mind and to those around me who may be tired of my constant jibber jabber over diets, calories, healthier substitutes, cutting out carbs/sugar…ya dee da da! And of course, to nix out the “I feel fat!”, “I ate too much today”, “I need to stop eating sugar” comments!! I believe by refraining from broadcasting these thoughts, I may actually be able to do some mental cleansing. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to continue to try to eat as healthy as possible, still have my daily hourly sugary indulgences, and sticking to my usual workout routines. I already told my best friend up in Dallas to refrain from talking to me about diets for the next 40 days. So…Wish me luck!

Today’s lunch consisted of leftover Chinese food my mom made last night. I feel like Chinese food all smell the same, even though my co-worker disagrees. Haha, I probably just think my mom’s cooking all smell the same =), maybe that’s more accurate..

Chinese Food

Today’s workout consisted of a 45min cycling class in courtesy of MD Anderson’s Fitness Center. Seriously, one thing I love about my work place is their effort to promote a healthier life style. Our gym has clean, well-kept showers, towels, complimentary blow-dryers, makeup/a-getting-ready section, and water/ice machine…and don’t let me get to the classes. Most of my workouts in my fitness log are the classes I take at work (during my lunch hour, post/pre work of course!)., I kid you not– I shower more at work than I do at the home. Anywho, the workout today was good– wasn’t too hard but I still tried to push myself… I don’t think I can do spinning more than once a week, although I try to do it twice/wk every now and then. I didn’t sweat that much in class today, which I believe its mainly due to Robinul. Robinul is a medication I currently take to make my Hyperhidrosis more manageable.

It’s not until recently (this year), did i start becoming more comfortable talking about this condition of mine. Hyperhidrosis is a genetic (current assumption) disorder that consists of excessive sweating with or without the cause of body heat/raise in body temperature. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in my opinion, unless you have the actual disorder you won’t have any idea how it feels to live with it day by day. I won’t discuss it much here because I do have a lot to say about it and I plan on publishing a post on it soon so more people can be aware of this condition. To learn more, please go to

Moving on.. I got this new water bottle from Ross this past Saturday for $5.99 and I love it!
It’s made out of glass (and BPA-free!) with a silicone cover that wraps the outside. I love the bubble design– it’s kinda cute =) There were other color options available, think pink/purple/green/blue/black.. I don’t know if it’s a mind thing, but it makes me want to drink water from such a pretty bottle. By 1pm today, I was already on my third round…(already 40 ounces down!) One thing I love about glass bottles is that I don’t get the plastic-y taste from a regular water bottle I re-use (think Dasani). After a while, I don’t know if it’s just me– but I feel like the plastic breaks down after a while and my water literally taste like plastic! yyyyuck. What I love about this water bottle is that the silicone cover helps prevent the glass from shattering. Of course, I’m not about to throw it on the ground to test this theory out. 😉

Off to the doctor’s office for a follow up to my TB shot. It’s flat– I do not have TB. *lol…
(vaccinations for school)

Until next time,


So it's been a while since I've last blogged. I guess I have been too caught up in and there, that I really didn't make the time to sit down and release my thoughts and ideas. But I'm glad I am typing away at this moment because physically writing out what I've been thinking about allows me to gain a better sense of self awarement, rather than just thinking about what I need to do or need to change when I'm frantically driving home from work.. I get to come back and reflect what I have written, and at the same time reflect on what exact moods I was going through when jotting down this post. Anyways.. school is slowing creeping around the corner. I am filled with both excitement and nervousness. I hope I'll do well with school and be a good PA despite my issues with hyperhidrosis. I don't want that to hold me down anymore. I recieved more information through UTMB via email about my orientation and white coat ceremony dates... ^_^. whoohoo. It's really coming together...   Although I wished I had accepted my other interviews that were out of state, I know in my heart that UTMB is right for me.. a lot of factors that I need to be realistic about, such as --> tuition, distance, rate of passing for PANCE, education, and length of program. UTMB has it all--- but deep inside my adventurous side, I really wanted the chance to self explore in another state. hmm, oh wells. I can always travel, and who knows where my career will take me... I might just be spontaneous enough to close my eyes and randomly pick a place on the globe to move to. Wouldn't that be exciting?? (ha.. if I actually did it.) So I haven't been taking pictures of my "food" because I don't want to become too obsessive. There has been times where I am constantly counting calories in my head..adding..subtracting... guesstimating.. sigh. It felt like it briefly took over my daily routine and I don't want to feel like that certain person who has 'issues'. However... I have been working out a bit too much lately,. When I say lately, I mean.. for only the last 2 weeks.. lol. It's becoming addicting where at first I was really proud of myself for my drive and motivation, But now after 10 days, it has became an obligation. I am not sure how to describe it but a good workout usually keeps me sane. However now, if I missed a workout, or if I felt that my body has been 'lazy' today, I get in a really grouchy mood and I put it on others too, because I think badly about I'm useless. Hmm.. so I guess this realization is the first step to accepting that it is okay to have a day of lounging around... and it is okay to do consider other  positive activities like stretching and yoga as a 'workout.' :) I'll be alright. I just have alot of things I gotta do on my to-do list that I feel like a good workout is the only "me" time I have left for myself... but like I said, I shouldn't beat myself up if I skip one or two a week... or three.  x]

Awesome TTP-ians all dolled up for the department banquet

Thought I'll throw some spice into my post by adding a picture :)

Until next time, Diana C.