Feeling oh-so ‘good

So in the past recent months I have came to the realization that my workouts has transformed into a ‘challenge’, rather than just another workout. I noticed myself aiming for ‘miles/resistance’ > ‘times’ > ‘calories’. I remember when I first joined a gym back in my sophmore year of high school, I would jog on a treadmill but I would only focus on how much calories I’ve burned. Nowadays, I even forget to look at the calorie display when I complete a work out, and it makes me happy that this is my mentality now. Since I hate being typical or the ‘norm’, it makes me quite giddy that I now focus on pushing and challenging myself to work a bit harder, run a bit longer, add a few reps..etc, rather than being who I was before (and most women in my opinion!) — focusing on the big scary Calorie monster. BLAH! Screw that!

I run for my sanity.
I spin for the burn in my legs.
I kickbox because it makes me feel like I can kick anyone’s ass.
I lift because I love muscle definition over flabbiness.

and… I do Zumba because it costs less than it is to go out dancing at a club. 😉 hehe (think– no cover!!)

I do all this because it makes my body feel good, keeps my mind clear, and most of all- I feel accomplished.

You’ll never regret a work out, but you will regret skipping one.

-Diana C.

Ahh! and its already APRILLLLLLLLLL~~~~~~~!!! Where did the time go!!!


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