A “Vow” To Cut Out Sugar

You know I love sugar. I know I love sugar.. hence the name of my blog. Sigh.

However, due to last night’s binge on sugary stuff. I end up feeling nauseated, regretful, and disappointed at myself for a lack of sugary control. Not to mention that all these sugary concoctions aren’t doing too much justice to my teeth. >.< So.. after inhaling two dove’s milk chocolate, candy caramels, and an entire coconut cream pie with extra chocolate syrup (friend said she was going to share with me but only took 3 bites, in which I end up downing the whole thing), I went to bed at 11pm feeling sooo yucky.

(missing the chocolate syrup I had gulped down)
copyrighted Wikipedia

I always told myself to limit my sugar intake (I see sugar through the eyes of a 5 yr old), to enjoy and savor it (not inhale), and in moderation. I have not be ‘moderating’ my intake.. I’ve never did. I say it but I don’t do it.

So it’s time for that challenge. I am not cutting out sugary goods for the rest of my life. However, I am traveling across the continent to visit my family in a couple weeks.. so the challenge to myself is.. to cut it out until then. haha, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, but not for these few weeks ahead of me.

1.) NO to desserts/candies (ice cream/popsicles, cookies, froyo, cakes, muffins, scones, decadent breads, chocolates, gummies,..etc.)

2.) NO to sugary drinks (flavored coffee drinks, sodas, juice, sugary alcoholic beverages)

3.) NO to artificial sweeteners, white/brown sugar, stevia, cocoa powder, agave..etc

4.) YES to peanut butter (I can’t live without it)

5.) YES to honey (sparingly)

6.) YES to wine (1 gls limit per day) I don’t want to get hammered anyway. :p

7.) YES to all fruits (grapes? YEA!.. time to bust out frozen grapes)

**8.) An exception will be when it comes to occasions where it’s someone’s bdays, get togethers..etc. (let’s hope no one has a party in these few weeks, lol~~!! jkjk)

Only a couple weeks..less than one month.

I really hope that by writing this out it will be the extra push I need for myself to stay committed. It will be SO rewarding if I make it through!!

I CAN DO THIS… …can I?

until next time,

Diana C. 🙂


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