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So its day 3 of PA school. It’s been going all right but I’m still feeling very home sick. Practically Every Minute. Everyone is really friendly and helpful but I just miss that know? I will get better at this. Sigh.

Right now I’m just taking a quick break to get a  post in before I get to some of my assigned readings. One good news that I would like to share is that we got our student ID badges yesterday!  Sooooo of course I went for a quick visit at the Alumni Field House. It’s pretty bad ass. It has all the weight equipments, mats, dumbbells, kettle bells, a basketball court, and a group exercise room. There is a pool outside but we all know I won’t be using that >.< hee hee. I will take a picture of it soon…when it’s a little dead so ppl won’t think  I’m a creeper.

Here’s a snap shot of my snacks/small lunch I packed today. Peach, Apple, Kashi bar, and a piece of cream/jelly pastry from H-Mart. We have a break from 12-1 and I’m not purchasing anything nor am I going to go home. SOOO, here it is.

white peach, Braeburn apple, Almond Flax Kashi bar, and a cream/jelly pastry.

One thing I do enjoy living alone is that I can dictate what I want to eat. Typically I eat my ‘goodie mash’– which are just random stuff that I just MIX in together in a bowl and INGEST!  Examples are..
1.) Greek yogurt with mixed nuts, fruit, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
2.) Mashed sweet potato with bbq crock pot chicken with baby carrots..topped with slices of avocado for good fat. ANDDD…a dollop of Sriarcha because I can.
3.) .. will add on 😀


Hola! First.. the good stuff, since I’m in much better mood.. I don’t want to ruin the moment.
I just found out that I am literally about 15 mins walk away from the campus library! 😀 I am about a block away from a local market (not the prettiest, and kinda pricy– but it has everything [even produce! and wine!] and its convenient). and… the best part is… *drumroll*

I can literally walk to the campus track! AND It is directly across the field house!

Which means.. soon I will have access to weights..and machines..and other cool stuff. Come’onnn ID Card! gib me now!!
This is such good news because I was in a grumpy mood all week… which I will get to later. I have definitely not adjusted to the independent life and I miss my old surroundings dearly! sigh. So finding out that I don’t even need to drive to a running track was such a relief! A short 3 miler was whats up today. I welcome you happy endorphins!

hehehehe Running FTW!

After my stress relief I was craving for a  Dr. Peppa!!

Hits the spot! 😉

You know what I realized.. (realized MORE that is).. exercise really makes you happy. I can’t speak for anyone else but it really is my happy time. During my run-jog-run-walk-jog-chatting with my sister via kakao talk app shenanigan.. I came to two conclusions. One, I will WORK MY ASS off in school and BE the BEST I can be. Second, I appreciated all the good people in my life. The friends that havechecked in with me to make sure my move was okay… whether it was a quick text or a phone call..aka OOVOO with my bff in Dallas. AND,,, especially my small knitted family and those close to me (my special someone atm). I am happy I can vent and sent numerous picture messages and bombard their butt because… well… because I can 🙂 and they love me for it. (or maybe not.. but they haven’t said anything yet! hee hee hee)

So people. Stay healthy and active. It does your body and your MIND good. Trust me, bc I’m a pretty neurotic and crazayyy person. 😉

I am also appreciative of my triple locks on tha door of my apartment! Take a look:


So here are the downs…
Which I have just decided half a second ago that I refuse to talk about it. There are a few..and I think God is testing my emotions right now. However, I will not let this good feeling I am exuberating right now to be dismissed away by talking about crap that I will need to face for the next year or so. Because you know what? Most ppl say that things happen for a reason.. so for this reason, I think I am being tested right now.. and I will prevail. I will come out as the one on top. *add oil!!

For that.. I will end with my happy self after a good shower post run. 🙂 Tata! Tomorrow is orientation and I am actually kinda pumped! 🙂 Then I will be off to go back home for the weekend before the storm hits. (aka– first day of class is Monday! >.< )

Pose pose! (really.. its because I have no makeup on lol)

Until next time,

Diana C.

So today will be a busy busy day.. not too totally looking forward to it, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done. No Procrastinating Queen sash for me today.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am to take my mom to work, she had to get there early to get some stuff done. I had my morning planned and was going to hit crossfit (trial #2) today but turns out I had the schedule mixed up and the earliest class on Monday was at 9am..not 5am. Instead, I doodled around her office for about an hr or so and got too hungry so I left around 5am. Once I got home I had an asian pastry bread thingy that had scallions and hot dog bits (mmm yummm) and a soy sauce egg my mom made that is WAYYYY too salty. blehhh. I ate it anyway bc I said to myself.. “protein! and don’t be wasteful!”

Then up and go I left my house at 6:30am for a run at the park near by 🙂 It is probably the last good outside run I’ll squeeze in before school starts and who knows, I might not be back here as often as I like.. sigh. I really like running at this park. Running outside really calms be down. It allows me to feel more at peace and I have all the time I need to think and figure things out. I hit a PR and did 6.15 mi. Whoo! It’s always exonerating to have other fellow joggers to come over and give you positive feedback. It really made my day! and it’s still morning time 🙂

PR! 6.15 miles 🙂

Then I went off to Wal-mart attempting to find a cheap bed frame or box for my apartment.  No luck. But I get some carpet deodorizer and house spray. The person that lived before me sure smoked like a chimney! PEE-U! Anyways, my apartment is kinda ghetto but its do-able I guess. One year only. Pfft.

Now I’m munching on something that is more picture worthy for this post.

Greek Yogurt w. fruits, nuts, and a drizzle of honey ❤

Shanna Banana, if you are reading this post. Just fyi– I used the honey from your wedding favors! 🙂 heh.

The rest of the day I am going to head over to Galveston for about 4-5 hrs (including the drive) to clean clean clean! Then I’m suppose to grab tea with my psis Kim. Then relax… study..and meet up with Peter later. See if my day goes accordingly *crosses fingers!*

Until next time,

Diana C  ^_^

One of the reason I don’t blog as much is because 2 out of 5 times.. I would go type-happy and BAM!– either a button or link is accidentally pressed (like refresh or previous page) or the browser ‘stops responding’…. soo.. the entire post is deleted and unrecoverable. Then I am dealt with a mixture of frustration, sadness, and a feeling of being ripped off (time wasted!!). Can you tell this is what happened to me earlier today while attempting this post (second time around)?

Anywho.. back to TOPIC.

Today I finally went and completed my first cross fit class! I loved it.
I went to Caveman Crossfit, a local gym about 20 minutes away from me (its not too bad considering everything is spread apart in Texas!). After days months of convincing myself to go (I bought a voucher on livingsocial back in March// $39 for 8 classes and getting lost getting there on Wednesday with no success in locating the facility)… I finally made it today at 8:50am for the 9am class. It was a small gym with various equipments and not ventilated with AC! There were 4 fans and the only other breeze we received was from the two doors cracked. Let me tell you, it is June… and this is Houston, TX.. warm breeze doesn’t make it much better so you bet I was pouring down sweat more than my usual self! (TY hyperhidrosis)

The warm up consisted of 2 sets of squats, KB swings, and pullups (10 reps each) and concluded with 100m bear crawl. Pullups… I hate you yet I admire you so. Today at 9:10am, I decided to add “ONE unassisted pullup” to my ever flowing, never ending bucket list. 🙂

Then we did three sets of squats with weighted barbell with added weights for strengthening. Since it was my first time, I wanted to listen to my body. I didn’t feel like looking like a bad ass in front of ppl I’ve never met. Who cares.. I am moving soon and what are the odds that I will run into them much after I finish up my voucher usage? I end up squatting 60 lbs and I was very happy about it =)

Today’s WOD: as follows, with a 25 min cut off. (Again– I took it fairly and didn’t want to over aim and injure myself.. and I’m SO GLAD I DID THAT!) I opted for scale A vs the recommended WOD which was 110 reps of each! Although I did make a mental note to myself to tackle the Rx WOD by myself one of these days with a goal of 30 mins or less.

I was the 2nd to complete the WOD with a time of 16:28!! But note.. I did the scaled A workout. There was this one chick — Sammy (obviously younger and fitter than I am!) who is my new little secrete motivation. She completed the Rx WOD in 20 minutes and 14 secs! Best outta the class.

Overall, I had a terrific workout this morning.. if CF wasn’t so way over my budget.. I would definitely be a life long member if I can. Oh well. 1 down.. 7 more classes available for me to use until school starts on the 22nd! 🙂


❤ Diana C.

Regarding my last post on sugar… lets just say it was a really good concept and an good attempt for about two days. x) good try Diana! Good Try! I still want to cut down my sugar intake but its what tickles my tastebuds…. sigh. I will succeed…. one day. One day.

So school’s around the corner and I am..honestly.. petrified. Not to much as to living on my own, I’m sure I’ll ask enough questions and assistance that I’ll settle in just fine. I’m not one thats high maintenance since all I really need is a mattress, a lamp, crockpot, and some eating utensils. I don’t even care for TV as I don’t watch much TV right now. Got an early bday present from my mom (laptop whoowhoo!) so I should be fine on the ‘entertainment’ arena. What I’m worried about is failure. Ok ok… I have already had my textbook that I need to study (as we will be quizzed the first day/ or week? of school) for about two months and I barely had looked at it– and I have a little over two weeks to tackle it. This time frame also includes moving in so I’ll be busy while I try to study… I wish I wasn’t such a slacker. No, I wished I had quit my previous job a bit sooner so I will actually had some time to enjoy some sort of freedom so I won’t feel so rushed as to get all my stuff together for school, study, apply for FAFSA, background checks, submit more files and forms…and dental appts…ya dee da da da. It’s astounding to know how much you can accomplish once you quit a 8-5pm job. Yes– 8-5…not 9-5 like normal folks. Now that I can actually take a breather…its like, BAM! Time to cram and time to gather all your shizz and move out. ahhhhhhhhhh.

I miss my sister. She moved to Philly about three days ago. It didn’t really hit me that ‘oh man, she’s going to be gone and I won’t be able to see her.. until the holidays‘ until about 4 days prior to her leaving. It is true what they say… you never know what you have until you lose it.
>>Camilla, if you are reading this blog entry I want to say that I miss you very very much and I’m still acting like the cry baby that I did two nights before you departed. haha, I will be strong!!!! ** add oil to the both of us. Stay safe, I love you!!

Today… I was going to attempt my first real cross fit class. The reason i said ‘real’ is because the ‘fit camp’ classes I went to at MDA had a crossfit concept but weren’t exactly titled “Cross Fit.” In addition, we didn’t use certain equipment you would typically see… I think. What do I know, I still haven’t went!  Anyway….so… I decided to cop out at the 5pm class today (its 3:31pm), after I saw today’s WOD. It included pullups (o.O!?! seriously… I can’t even do one!), burpees (the death of me!), walking lunges (when my stink face comes out!)….and 400m run (which I should be good at). I’m sure I will not regret going to it (who regrets a workout?!) but im not sure what level of confidence  and motivation  I will be left with afterwards. I am looking forward to one that includes some situps, squats, pushups, runs…in which I can push myself, set a new mental PR, and be motivated to come back the very next day. I can already imagine myself discouraged at the pullup exercise if I go to today’s PM class. …. I will attempt cross fit tomorrow. 🙂  yeah yeah yeah, I know what chall thinking. What a quitter!! pfft.

It’s ok. I already workout out today at least. I might do another one later if I need a study break. I hate sitting for a long time since our bodies are not made to be idle for so long.

Desk job is NOT the job for me! ❤

Until next time…and excuse all my grammatical errors. Me no good @ engrish.


Diana C.