Regarding my last post on sugar… lets just say it was a really good concept and an good attempt for about two days. x) good try Diana! Good Try! I still want to cut down my sugar intake but its what tickles my tastebuds…. sigh. I will succeed…. one day. One day.

So school’s around the corner and I am..honestly.. petrified. Not to much as to living on my own, I’m sure I’ll ask enough questions and assistance that I’ll settle in just fine. I’m not one thats high maintenance since all I really need is a mattress, a lamp, crockpot, and some eating utensils. I don’t even care for TV as I don’t watch much TV right now. Got an early bday present from my mom (laptop whoowhoo!) so I should be fine on the ‘entertainment’ arena. What I’m worried about is failure. Ok ok… I have already had my textbook that I need to study (as we will be quizzed the first day/ or week? of school) for about two months and I barely had looked at it– and I have a little over two weeks to tackle it. This time frame also includes moving in so I’ll be busy while I try to study… I wish I wasn’t such a slacker. No, I wished I had quit my previous job a bit sooner so I will actually had some time to enjoy some sort of freedom so I won’t feel so rushed as to get all my stuff together for school, study, apply for FAFSA, background checks, submit more files and forms…and dental appts…ya dee da da da. It’s astounding to know how much you can accomplish once you quit a 8-5pm job. Yes– 8-5…not 9-5 like normal folks. Now that I can actually take a breather…its like, BAM! Time to cram and time to gather all your shizz and move out. ahhhhhhhhhh.

I miss my sister. She moved to Philly about three days ago. It didn’t really hit me that ‘oh man, she’s going to be gone and I won’t be able to see her.. until the holidays‘ until about 4 days prior to her leaving. It is true what they say… you never know what you have until you lose it.
>>Camilla, if you are reading this blog entry I want to say that I miss you very very much and I’m still acting like the cry baby that I did two nights before you departed. haha, I will be strong!!!! ** add oil to the both of us. Stay safe, I love you!!

Today… I was going to attempt my first real cross fit class. The reason i said ‘real’ is because the ‘fit camp’ classes I went to at MDA had a crossfit concept but weren’t exactly titled “Cross Fit.” In addition, we didn’t use certain equipment you would typically see… I think. What do I know, I still haven’t went!  Anyway….so… I decided to cop out at the 5pm class today (its 3:31pm), after I saw today’s WOD. It included pullups (o.O!?! seriously… I can’t even do one!), burpees (the death of me!), walking lunges (when my stink face comes out!)….and 400m run (which I should be good at). I’m sure I will not regret going to it (who regrets a workout?!) but im not sure what level of confidence  and motivation  I will be left with afterwards. I am looking forward to one that includes some situps, squats, pushups, runs…in which I can push myself, set a new mental PR, and be motivated to come back the very next day. I can already imagine myself discouraged at the pullup exercise if I go to today’s PM class. …. I will attempt cross fit tomorrow. 🙂  yeah yeah yeah, I know what chall thinking. What a quitter!! pfft.

It’s ok. I already workout out today at least. I might do another one later if I need a study break. I hate sitting for a long time since our bodies are not made to be idle for so long.

Desk job is NOT the job for me! ❤

Until next time…and excuse all my grammatical errors. Me no good @ engrish.


Diana C.


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