Crossfit? DONE!

One of the reason I don’t blog as much is because 2 out of 5 times.. I would go type-happy and BAM!– either a button or link is accidentally pressed (like refresh or previous page) or the browser ‘stops responding’…. soo.. the entire post is deleted and unrecoverable. Then I am dealt with a mixture of frustration, sadness, and a feeling of being ripped off (time wasted!!). Can you tell this is what happened to me earlier today while attempting this post (second time around)?

Anywho.. back to TOPIC.

Today I finally went and completed my first cross fit class! I loved it.
I went to Caveman Crossfit, a local gym about 20 minutes away from me (its not too bad considering everything is spread apart in Texas!). After days months of convincing myself to go (I bought a voucher on livingsocial back in March// $39 for 8 classes and getting lost getting there on Wednesday with no success in locating the facility)… I finally made it today at 8:50am for the 9am class. It was a small gym with various equipments and not ventilated with AC! There were 4 fans and the only other breeze we received was from the two doors cracked. Let me tell you, it is June… and this is Houston, TX.. warm breeze doesn’t make it much better so you bet I was pouring down sweat more than my usual self! (TY hyperhidrosis)

The warm up consisted of 2 sets of squats, KB swings, and pullups (10 reps each) and concluded with 100m bear crawl. Pullups… I hate you yet I admire you so. Today at 9:10am, I decided to add “ONE unassisted pullup” to my ever flowing, never ending bucket list. 🙂

Then we did three sets of squats with weighted barbell with added weights for strengthening. Since it was my first time, I wanted to listen to my body. I didn’t feel like looking like a bad ass in front of ppl I’ve never met. Who cares.. I am moving soon and what are the odds that I will run into them much after I finish up my voucher usage? I end up squatting 60 lbs and I was very happy about it =)

Today’s WOD: as follows, with a 25 min cut off. (Again– I took it fairly and didn’t want to over aim and injure myself.. and I’m SO GLAD I DID THAT!) I opted for scale A vs the recommended WOD which was 110 reps of each! Although I did make a mental note to myself to tackle the Rx WOD by myself one of these days with a goal of 30 mins or less.

I was the 2nd to complete the WOD with a time of 16:28!! But note.. I did the scaled A workout. There was this one chick — Sammy (obviously younger and fitter than I am!) who is my new little secrete motivation. She completed the Rx WOD in 20 minutes and 14 secs! Best outta the class.

Overall, I had a terrific workout this morning.. if CF wasn’t so way over my budget.. I would definitely be a life long member if I can. Oh well. 1 down.. 7 more classes available for me to use until school starts on the 22nd! 🙂


❤ Diana C.


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