Getting situated.. the ups and the downs.

Hola! First.. the good stuff, since I’m in much better mood.. I don’t want to ruin the moment.
I just found out that I am literally about 15 mins walk away from the campus library! 😀 I am about a block away from a local market (not the prettiest, and kinda pricy– but it has everything [even produce! and wine!] and its convenient). and… the best part is… *drumroll*

I can literally walk to the campus track! AND It is directly across the field house!

Which means.. soon I will have access to weights..and machines..and other cool stuff. Come’onnn ID Card! gib me now!!
This is such good news because I was in a grumpy mood all week… which I will get to later. I have definitely not adjusted to the independent life and I miss my old surroundings dearly! sigh. So finding out that I don’t even need to drive to a running track was such a relief! A short 3 miler was whats up today. I welcome you happy endorphins!

hehehehe Running FTW!

After my stress relief I was craving for a  Dr. Peppa!!

Hits the spot! 😉

You know what I realized.. (realized MORE that is).. exercise really makes you happy. I can’t speak for anyone else but it really is my happy time. During my run-jog-run-walk-jog-chatting with my sister via kakao talk app shenanigan.. I came to two conclusions. One, I will WORK MY ASS off in school and BE the BEST I can be. Second, I appreciated all the good people in my life. The friends that havechecked in with me to make sure my move was okay… whether it was a quick text or a phone call..aka OOVOO with my bff in Dallas. AND,,, especially my small knitted family and those close to me (my special someone atm). I am happy I can vent and sent numerous picture messages and bombard their butt because… well… because I can 🙂 and they love me for it. (or maybe not.. but they haven’t said anything yet! hee hee hee)

So people. Stay healthy and active. It does your body and your MIND good. Trust me, bc I’m a pretty neurotic and crazayyy person. 😉

I am also appreciative of my triple locks on tha door of my apartment! Take a look:


So here are the downs…
Which I have just decided half a second ago that I refuse to talk about it. There are a few..and I think God is testing my emotions right now. However, I will not let this good feeling I am exuberating right now to be dismissed away by talking about crap that I will need to face for the next year or so. Because you know what? Most ppl say that things happen for a reason.. so for this reason, I think I am being tested right now.. and I will prevail. I will come out as the one on top. *add oil!!

For that.. I will end with my happy self after a good shower post run. 🙂 Tata! Tomorrow is orientation and I am actually kinda pumped! 🙂 Then I will be off to go back home for the weekend before the storm hits. (aka– first day of class is Monday! >.< )

Pose pose! (really.. its because I have no makeup on lol)

Until next time,

Diana C.


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