Still adjusting, missing home :(

So its day 3 of PA school. It’s been going all right but I’m still feeling very home sick. Practically Every Minute. Everyone is really friendly and helpful but I just miss that know? I will get better at this. Sigh.

Right now I’m just taking a quick break to get a  post in before I get to some of my assigned readings. One good news that I would like to share is that we got our student ID badges yesterday!  Sooooo of course I went for a quick visit at the Alumni Field House. It’s pretty bad ass. It has all the weight equipments, mats, dumbbells, kettle bells, a basketball court, and a group exercise room. There is a pool outside but we all know I won’t be using that >.< hee hee. I will take a picture of it soon…when it’s a little dead so ppl won’t think  I’m a creeper.

Here’s a snap shot of my snacks/small lunch I packed today. Peach, Apple, Kashi bar, and a piece of cream/jelly pastry from H-Mart. We have a break from 12-1 and I’m not purchasing anything nor am I going to go home. SOOO, here it is.

white peach, Braeburn apple, Almond Flax Kashi bar, and a cream/jelly pastry.

One thing I do enjoy living alone is that I can dictate what I want to eat. Typically I eat my ‘goodie mash’– which are just random stuff that I just MIX in together in a bowl and INGEST!  Examples are..
1.) Greek yogurt with mixed nuts, fruit, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
2.) Mashed sweet potato with bbq crock pot chicken with baby carrots..topped with slices of avocado for good fat. ANDDD…a dollop of Sriarcha because I can.
3.) .. will add on 😀


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