Summer Session (almost) Complete!

Good morning! 🙂

Today is thursday and  I will officially have  my last final for the summer at 1pm. yay! Today will be a long day for me.. After more studying, I am meeting with a faculty member at 10:30am for a work-study position that I am trying to obtain so I can make a little bit of income when fall semester starts. Although I don’t know if I even have room in my fall semester schedule…but… sigh, we’ll see! Fall semester is going to be hectic and I’m not gonna lie– I’m nervous as hell. More nervous as to how I am going to make time for people, how I will stay sane, and how many times am I going to have a hyperhidrosis episode. The last part is actually my biggest concern… how will I be able to put on gloves if I am profusely sweating. How embarrassing will it be when we do patient assessment in class and I leave the exam table with puddles of sweat? No bueno– thinking about it is going to make me sweat. sigh. I guess I have to put in time to study, work, and sessions on the Drionic. How I hate using the Drionic– so painful and not to mention time consuming, and how immobile I am when I’m on it.

Speaking of hyperhidrosis.. today I will be volunteering at St. Vincent’s! I am so excited to see actual patients and be assisting 🙂 I need to calm my nerves so I won’t be a slimy sponge. It’s about an hr after my final but I am hoping to squeeze in a quick workout before that, assuming that I will finish my Spanish final before the allotted time.

Then I’ll possibly be out with some of my classmates for a bit of post-finals Galveston fun, but not tooo much fun.. I am in the middle of moving so I need to finish everything before I go back home for the next following week. Nice– we have an one week break. BUT….. it’s better than nothing! I can’t wait. I can’t wait to visit my sister up in Philly! whoo. Philly Cheese Steak –> IN MY BELLY pls!

Eats from yesterday 🙂 Thought I’ll add a couple pics to beautify this post a bit haha!

Breakfast from yesterday (and another repeat for today! so yum!)
Paleo Pancake! (banana, egg, eggwhites, cinammon) with topping: 2% greek yogurt, almond butter, honey, and more cinammon&nutmeg!

(lunch I skipped around, snacked on some pretzels, cereal, yogurt, sunflower seeds, OJ, pringles). Yeah I’m a big snacker. 😀

Dinner: Rice macaroni with pan-fried chicken pieces, maple-ham, some garlic/ginger, and a ton of spinach and red pepperflakes/cayenne. spicy!


because I’m SUCH A FATTY. I had a high-dosed sugary coffee drank at MOD coffee shop while I studied last night. Then some more pretzels, yogurt, and cereal when I got home. About 10 mins after, I patted my belly and went off to bed. x)

Until next time,

Diana C 🙂


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