Fighting! Add Oil!

So I’ve been MIA since the fall semester started.. now I know what they mean when they say that PA school will drive you crazy. It’s been a constant go go go! When I do get some sleep (~7hrs), I feel guilty and a bit awful when I wake up. The first round of exams were crazy… literally. Needless to say, I have a lot changing that I need to do in the aspect of my studying habits. But it’s ok– not all is lost. so.. fighting!

I am trying to stay sane and active but it’s getting to the point where I feel like I should stay at the lib vs. 30 min run. I’m justifying it that I’ll lose 1.5 hrs by going go the gym (walk/drive, actual workout, stretch, go home, and shower). What to do what to do… Anyways. I need to get back to pathophys. so much to read, so much to absorb, too little time. 23 more months to go…

Until next time.. whenever that is,

Diana C.


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