Just another newbie blogger expressing her passion for foods, addiction to sugar, and interests about happy living. ❤ Although I would like to stay on topic and discuss mostly about food and an active lifestyle, I know for sure I will derail and blog about life’s little frustrations, school, gossip, shopping, and other girlie things. ;p

More about me..
My name is Diana and I currently reside in the lovely, yet hot and humid, Houston Galveston, Texas. I am currently 24 yrs old and working full time until I started PA school in June 2012. I love to stay active and busy and I believe maintaining a blog and documenting parts of my life will be even more rewarding, feel free to leave comments of all sorts. All are welcomed.

Weird tid bit about me..
I am not a fan of Odd numbers, so I am very particular as to how the ‘volume number’ should be set in my car stereo. It has to be an even number (Volume #2, 4, 8, 10..etc.), however, 5 and 15 are acceptable. please don’t judge me >.<

Snow White the Cat, I am her pet.

(she’s back at home in Houston.. sigh, I miss her!)

  1. I was writing this huge as greeting then I clicked the wrong thing so now I have to re-introduce myself…the world of technology is so annoying. but then again, how will I keep up with you if there’s no internet…oh crap, I sound like a stalker now…oh well, at least i’m a cute stalker.

    from what I could remember from deleted words….

    Odd numbers? really? yes, that’s right. I’m judging you. BTW, how do you set your stereo to only even numbers? Oh, and I don’t particularly like numbers with denomination of 5…guess we can’t be buddy huh?

    well, that’s all for now. Odios!

    • Hello my follower #1, I set the stereo by turning up the knob.. my car shows the volume # when I crank it up. Are you telling me that you don’t like 5 dollar foot longs from Subway?

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